SGM1100 | OF2-1000

Removes carbon and moisture from oil

Two stage filtration


Insulating Oil Filtration Trolley

The dual housing filtration trolley, Model OF2-1000, is designed for the removal of particulate and moisture from oil used in electrical plant – where a high dielectric strength and low moisture content are specified. Quality oil to specification is guaranteed at point of use.

Switchgear application

The system is designed to remove carbon and moisture from oil, used in switchgear and on-load tap changers, during maintenance, where a dielectric strength of 70 kV and moisture content of 10 ppm or less are specified. The first stage removes free water and carbon down to 0.5 micron. The second stage removes dissolved water and carbon down to 0.3 micron.

Bulk Oil Polishing

Using a different filter cartridge combination, clean oil, delivered in bulk, used for filling or topping up high voltage electrical plant, can be cost effectively polished to 70 kV and < 10 ppm. The first stage removes free water and particulate down to 0.3 micron. The second stage removes dissolved water.

System Features

  • The system comprises a trolley mounted positive displacement gear pump and twin filter housings, mounted in series.
  • Nominal 1050 l/h flow rate.
  • The pump is fitted with an inlet strainer and has a flow by-pass system to reduce flow. (The flow can be reduced down to less than 25% of maximum flow).
  • Alternatively, the flow can be controlled down to 50% max using a variable speed drive.
  • The power supply is 220V a.c. single phase and the system comes with all controls and indication in a sealed control unit.
  • The filter housings are fitted with pressure gauges to indicate system pressure. A pressure switch trips the motor on overpressure (e.g. Filter Blocked).
  • An in-line flow meter with cumulative and resettable totals plus rate of flow is fitted as standard.
  • “Moisture in oil” instrument indicates the moisture content (ppm) of oil after filtration.
  • Alternative filter cartridges may be fitted to reduce oil acidity levels and dissolved compounds.

Optional Extras

Inlet and discharge hose assemblies complete with fittings. Hose lengths and fitting types to customer requirements.